Employee Space

Established in Rabat since 2015, initially with its recruitment teams, followed by HR administrative support and production teams, Cat-Amania has always aimed to expand its commercial consulting activities in Morocco. The success and sustainability of its presence has allowed Cat-Amania to gain the experience and expertise in the Moroccan market necessary to launch a new commercial agency. In March 2021, Cat-Amania secured its first collaboration with one of its longstanding clients from Nantes, SIGMA, and established a Service Center with 7 employees in our Moroccan offices managed by Jean-Baptiste FLOCH, Delivery Manager. Subsequently, leveraging the experience of longstanding employees of the company, Nadir BENYOUSSEF as Business Engineer and Emmanuelle VUILLET as Director of Operations, Cat-Amania officially launched the new commercial agency in Casablanca & Rabat. With a team of over 30 people today, Cat-Amania Morocco is growing and diversifying its activities.

The digital market is booming in Morocco

The Moroccan economic landscape is structured around large companies undergoing a digital transformation. Like in many countries, the Covid pandemic has acted as a catalyst for this digitization trend.

Indeed, the explosion in mobile phone usage, which now encompasses 80% of the population, has transformed consumer habits and compelled businesses to adapt by offering increasingly digitized services. Morocco stands as one of the most important Fintech hubs in Africa and has experienced significant growth in terms of digital transformation, largely encouraged by public policies.

With high-level training in the field of computer science, over 10,000 computer engineers are educated annually in Moroccan top-tier schools and universities. This reaffirms the country’s potential for development in the field of new technologies.

While tourism remains one of the most important sectors in the national economy, Morocco also relies on major accounts in areas such as industry, transportation, telecommunications, retail, banking, and insurance.

From Recruitment Consultant to Business Engineer in Rabat: The Journey of Nadir Benyoussef

Nadir Benyoussef, originally from Rabat, joined Cat-Amania in 2018 as a Recruitment Consultant. He then progressed to the role of Recruitment Coordinator and managed a team of 4 recruitment consultants. Always drawn to the field of commerce, Nadir wanted to take on the challenge of developing a commercial agency. Thus, he became the first Business Engineer of the Casablanca and Rabat agency! Emmanuelle Vuillet, with her extensive experience at Cat-Amania since 2014 and as the Director of Recruitment in Morocco since 2016, supports Nadir in this endeavor.