Employee Space

In 2022, Cat-Amania reached a size that justified the establishment of an internal IT department within the company. Julien PEREZ took over as its director on April 1st, 2022. This article is an opportunity to present the objectives for 2022 of the IT department as well as its team.

The objectives of an internal IT department

In line with Cat-Amania’s evolution and to support its growth, the decision was made to internalize our IT support by creating an Information Systems Department (ISD). Previously, it was the Technical Department (TD) and the service provider Eur@tlantique that handled various matters related to Cat-Amania’s information system. However, with the company’s growth and the evolution of TD’s responsibilities in the Service Center and Delivery Centers, the Management Committee chose to establish an ISD within TD.

The objectives for 2022 of the ISD are as follows:

1.     Build an internal team.

2.     Fully internalize user support.

3.     Reorganize hardware procurement.

Furthermore, the new ISD also supports internal IT projects such as the new Collaborator Space, the Single Sign-On (SSO) centralization solution which will allow access to key SI tools with a single ID and password, the streamlining of resources for our CDS, and the development of new tools for the HR team.

The new ISD remains fully integrated with Cat-Amania’s Technical Department. It falls under the responsibility of Technical Director Frédéric Morin, who will also oversee the ramp-up of our Delivery Center offering in branches.

Julien PEREZ, Director of Information Systems

Julien PEREZ joined Cat-Amania in 2014 during the merger with Tritem (Niort-Bordeaux-Nantes). Julien has a primarily technical background and has always worn a dual hat as a Technical Consultant with clients and as an internally-oriented Project Director related to IS. He has been contributing to internal and client projects for 15 years. He initially worked for Tritem and then for Cat-Amania, holding positions such as Technical Project Manager, CDS Pilot, Technical Manager for an agency, Solution Manager for Cat-Amania offers, and finally, an Expert in Jira tools. You may have also crossed paths with Julien if you were on an Innova mission. He was, in fact, responsible for the Innova program since its inception in 2017 until early 2022.

With his skills and deep understanding of our IS, Julien Perez was appointed as Director of Information Systems. He will be working part-time in the ISD and will continue to contribute to client projects the rest of the time (especially for our Atlassian Jira offering).

Julien will be assisted by Henri DECLERCK, a support engineer in Tours who is joining us after completing his internship within the TD. Additionally, a new person will be recruited in Rabat to support the Rabat teams and international users.