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Programme Innova R&D de CAT-AMANIA

Innova is Cat-Amania’s Research and Development program. Launched in mid-2016, Innova aims to train our consultants, support the development of our differentiated offers, increase our performance and that of our clients, and enable our employees to become committed players through sponsorship.

Training our employees

For our employees, joining Innova is a way to acquire new skills, to improve their knowledge of subjects they already know or to pass on their knowledge to their peers.

Continuous training is one of Innova’s pillars, making this program a real source of strength for Cat-Amania. With the contribution of Cat-Amania’s talents, Innova is a dynamic hub of knowledge and sharing of experiences that is constantly evolving and allows, for example, the development of internal company tools.

Innova is also a link between the generations, allowing them to exchange experiences and points of view, and is an introduction to the professional world for our work-study students and interns. Each year, Innova brings about ten work-study students and interns into its programs so they can work with experienced people and quickly develop their skills. This is an excellent way to train students and interns, and to prepare them for the business world.

Supporting the development of differentiated offers

This axis reflects Innova’s R&D aspect, with the aim of the continuous improvement of our processes and the ongoing search for new processes. This allows Cat-Amania to position itself as a true consulting resource for its customers.

This translates into regular technological monitoring, research into new concepts and the creation of proofs of these concepts, and the establishment of partnerships with various IT players.

Various projects revolve around this axis, such as the realization of a POC on the Hornet system developed by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, with the aim of demonstrating Cat-Amania’s enthusiasm and interest in this subject and in production accelerator frameworks.

Improving our performance and that of our clients

Closely linked to the development of our differentiated offers, this axis aims to develop Cat-Amania’s methodologies and tools.

Evolving in a highly competitive and constantly changing environment enables Cat-Amania to constantly improve and to never stagnate. For example, we are currently studying various technical solutions for automating repetitive processes that can be handled by robots. 

Becoming a committed player

For four years now, Cat-Amania has been supporting and assisting the Restos du Coeur charity in its digital transformation and in the upgrading of its intranet solutions via a skills sponsorship. To date, many Cat-Amania employees have participated in this project, including developers, analysts and project managers.