Employee Space

Smart’Connexion is the second Innova Dev project and is also included in the logic of Innova R&D.

Programme Innova R&D de CAT-AMANIA

This is a multi-year project for Cat-Amania, so there is no set target date. Smart’Connexion essentially covers laptops, Cat-Amania applications and the employee area for all our employees. On a more comprehensive level, Smart’Connexion encompasses everything that promotes the improvement of the company’s overall performance.

This project is based on a question: how can we use modern technologies to bring people together in a smart way in order to create and strengthen our human values?

This question also implies: How to better exchange information? How can we get to know each other better? How can I be a Cat-Amania player? How can we organize and communicate about sporting events, annual parties, meet-ups and all other internal events?

For this purpose, the Cat-Amania internal social network is supported by 365, Teams and the website. Since 2017, Cat-Amania has wanted to go further by connecting more tools together. Although there are a number of tools that constitute our work environment today, they do not all have the ability to communicate with each other. The Smart’Connexion project addresses this issue with the goal of going further and proposing tools that comply with current legislation and with the expectations of the employees who are supporting this project.

This promising project began in 2020 with the redesign of the employee area as a way to standardize access to information while complying with the GDPR. It provides services for employees and for management.