Employee Space

The lockdown has transformed our entire business in many ways…
Our daily life has become “digitalized” and many activities, which traditionally were done in person, have been adapted to offer remote options.
Training organizations have been directly affected by this move, particularly the French National Employment Fund system, which offers government aid for companies who offer training to their employees.

Cat-Amania also took advantage of this momentum to launch a major training campaign. Thanks to the responsiveness of the Human Resources and management teams, 105 employees were trained remotely between May and June 2020 on various subjects, including sales prospecting, test automation, development and even English. 

Remote learning is different from e-learning because, while there is still a trainer involved, instead of being physically present with the learners, the trainer gives the course via video conference. This experience has shown us the positive aspects of this form of learning, as well as some adjustments that need to be made.

Contrary to what one might think, remote learning requires rigor and discipline. Today, based on the various experiments that have been conducted, we have a better view of the potential offered by this format. In its training strategy, Cat-Amania seeks to combine face-to-face and remote learning, to combine the internal and the external, because the transmission of knowledge is even more enriched when it is multifaceted.