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JIRA Server & Cloud

After using it within its teams to manage internal projects and services, Cat-Amania has been implementing and configuring Jira for its clients since 2017. Each tool in the Atlassian suite addresses an industrial challenge, and Cat-Amania’s goal is to enlighten and assist its clients in their implementations.


Cat-Amania enhances the DevOps approach of its clients by guiding them through the automation of industrial processes using market-leading products. CAT-AMANIA’s DevOps Tools offering leverages Agility, Test Automation, and Jira solutions to create a cohesive and seamless software factory within our clients’ IT environment.


Cat-Amania supports its clients in implementing a Data-Driven strategy: Data Integration, Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, CPM…

ADP Configuration

With 20 years of experience in the field of Personal Insurance, Cat-Amania has launched a service to provide tailored solutions for the configuration of core tools in ADP. The support offered by CAT-AMANIA encompasses services ranging from audit/consulting, to the implementation of systems, all the way to training.

Tests Automation

Cat-Amania offers a dedicated testing automation service to provide its clients’ software productions with the desired level of quality at the right cost. As a Platinum Partner of ISTQB, Cat-Amania relies on its experts to optimize testing, both on the technical and methodological fronts.


Cat-Amania supports its clients in all aspects of implementing a Content Management System (CMS) or a Digital eXperience Platform (DXP) to maximize tool utilization. As a longstanding partner with JAHIA, our expertise also extends to Contentful, Drupal, and WordPress.

User Experience

Cat-Amania has a 360° vision of the user experience, with expertise in UX Research, UX Writing, UX Design, and UX Strategy to create products or services centered around the needs of end users. Our experts are proficient in technical, methodological, and organizational challenges to quickly achieve a return on investment. Cat-Amania assists its clients with all aspects of research, development, testing, as well as more specific issues such as accessibility.

RPA [Robotic Process Automation]

Automation and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) enable the delegation of low-value tasks to robotic assistants, thereby enhancing service quality while optimizing team efficiency and processing costs. Cat-Amania offers a deployment approach that leverages its understanding of its clients’ industries, evaluates the ROI of automation, and draws upon its experience with market solutions (UiPath, Power Automate, Blue Prism, Kofax, etc.).

Low and no code

In order to implement lightweight business processes, replace spreadsheets with collaborative applications, deploy an industrial strategy for implementing a LCAP (Low Code Application Platform), or empower Citizen Developers’ initiatives, CAT-AMANIA assists its clients in leveraging platforms like Office 365 or Power Platform to increase productivity, automate operations, and offer multi-channel and secure solutions.


Cat-Amania offers a tailored support package to its clients (based on maturity level, characteristics of the product or service to be developed, team organization), with progressive engagement models that can extend to the mobilization of Cat-Amania squads and high levels of service (skills, velocity). Over 260 Cat-Amania employees work to guide organizations towards agility.

Delivery Center

The Delivery Center offering provided by CAT-AMANIA addresses the industrialization and innovation challenges sought by our Clients. Our approach and expertise in Delivery allow us to offer tailor-made solutions (from Resource Center to Service Center or even a Package with Facility Management option) with a local, national, or even international mobilization of skills.

ISO 9001

Cat-Amania has been ISO 9001 certified since 2008

Cat-Amania has been ISO 9001 certified since 2008, a guarantee that all of the company’s operating processes are rigorously organized. Maintaining quality certification to optimize our practices and to improve everyone’s daily life is an ongoing concern for Cat-Amania. The main goal is to be as efficient as possible in order to meet the requirements of our clients and employees.

ISO 27001

Information security is our priority

After two years of research and preparation, and after a one-week audit conducted by LRQA, Cat-Amania received a favorable opinion to obtain the ISO 27001 certification on data security. In our evolving markets, where information security is a major concern, we must control our information flows to communicate in complete security and to better connect our talents. Today, the Nantes and Tours locations are certified. Cat-Amania intends to continue this process and to certify all our agencies according to the ISO 27001 standard.