Employee Space


  • Education: 5 years of higher education in computer science or in the field
  • Professional experience: 3 years minimum in interface and web design

Your Assignment

  • Give life to the user journey and add emotion, give life to the user’s ideas.
  • Enhance the ergonomics of the UX interfaces.
  • Highlight and enhance the readability of information, structure and create links between texts, visuals and the interface.
  • Mix and correlate the needs of the brand image, the business and users.
  • Create thoughtful and consistent graphic concepts.
  • Highlight content in order to make it clear and attractive (Content / web rewriting).
  • Monitor the competition.
  • Participate in the implementation of studies for the collection of user needs and expectations.
  • Participate in the evaluation and analysis of user behavior via indicators and user tests.
  • Participate in the development of Agile and UX cultures within the Internet platform.
  • You will also need to deliver graphic models.

Your Qualities

  • You are rigorous and have many technical skills, which you regularly update.
  • You are organized and understand the needs of your company and know how to provide relevant solutions.
  • You have good interpersonal skills and the ability to build positive relationships and can solve complex problems while working in a team.

Your Evolution

  • Web Project Manager
  • Information Architect
  • Art Director