Employee Space

Since 2015, consultants from Cat-Amania have been giving internal presentations on various topics. Initially conducted in person at agency locations, health restrictions prompted a shift towards online and then hybrid events. This has brought together consultants from all agencies, both in France and internationally.

What is a MeetUp?

A MeetUp is an internal conference led by a collaborator from Cat-Amania. It can be held in person at an agency, livestreamed online, or conducted entirely online. The presenters are always volunteers from among the consultants or members of the organization.

What can be the topics?

MeetUps are not limited to technical subjects. The topics are quite open: presentation of a programming language, methodology, sharing of experiences, discussion of current events, review of an event… it’s up to the presenters!
It can also have more indirect connections with our field: home automation, cryptocurrencies…

Why conduct internal MeetUps?

Since 2015, MeetUps have facilitated the transfer of skills among Cat-Amania consultants. It’s also an opportunity to create connections among employees from Cat-Amania agencies in France, as well as in Luxembourg, Canada, Morocco, and Switzerland.

These MeetUps are led by voluntary employees and can be more or less informal. That’s why they currently remain internal.

The MeetUps and Innova 

The Innovation and R&D program, Innova, also contributes to the realization of certain MeetUps. The goal is for MeetUps to be a source of input for themes and projects supported by Innova. Future contributors to MeetUps will increasingly collaborate with the Innova program to determine respective contributions: creating coherent Proof of Concepts (POCs) aligned with Innova themes, capitalizing on contributions (presentation materials, source code, etc.), establishing new Innova projects in continuation of the MeetUp, and cataloging videos in thematic channels (Technological, Methodological) accessible from the internal collaborator space.