Employee Space

The 4th edition of the employee questionnaire allows Cat-Amania to be part of a mutual construction process. It also allows Cat-Amania to develop over the long term, through the shared experience of all its employees.

How does the Employee Questionnaire work?

Conducted by our partner EDIFIA, an expert in the field, the goal is to rely on the feedback of all the company’s employees to collectively and continuously evolve Cat-Amania.

Anonymous, accessible and quick for employees to fill out, this questionnaire allows Cat-Amania to work on the implementation of projects during the year that follows, in accordance with solid proposals which emerge from the analysis of the responses.

A collaborative approach to building Cat-Amania

The surveys, which are conducted every 18 months, allow everyone to express their ideas and expectations in order to guide the company’s projects and to define areas for improvement.

Cat-Amania’s strength lies in its human resources, which are creative and audacious, enabling it to be at the forefront of the IT world.

Actions resulting from employee feedback

Each year, management analyzes the questionnaires in order to set up mutual construction workshops. These workshops are made up of the company’s various business lines and encourage collective reflection and the involvement of all of the company’s players. 

Last year, these workshops led to the development of action plans, particularly in terms of communication about disabilities and changes in the skills assessment and career management process.