Employee Space
Emilie MOLA, the first contact and the face of Cat-Amania Toulouse.

For Emilie, it all began in August 2017 after she obtained a two-year work-study contract as a Business Engineer. Alongside her manager, she learned a new job and quickly understood the activities involved and how the market operates. During her internship, she took on many responsibilities and gained confidence. 

Mid-2019 was a decisive turn for Emilie, who took over all the activities of the Toulouse agency, which led her to invest herself even more.

Although the agency is linked to the agency in Bordeaux, Emilie is the first contact and the first face that we see at Cat-Amania Toulouse. 

The management decided to entrust her with the development of the agency, because they knew that Emilie was a person they could trust and that she could manage all aspects of the business. To support her in this endeavor, Emilie can count on Erwan, a Business Engineer on a work-study program, who has been working alongside her for almost a year now. 

Working in an ultra-competitive market, Emilie has been able to enrich the agency’s client portfolio by seizing opportunities and by recruiting new partners!

This is without counting the existing clients and partners who have chosen to work with Cat-Amania Toulouse and who continue to trust the company today.

Currently, Emilie represents a dynamic agency where consultants actively take part in the life of the agency by organizing all kinds of parties, after-work events, meet-ups and have even created a technical community. Throughout the year, in addition to those who have been co-opted, Emilie receives candidates who have been advised to come to the agency by Cat-Amania Toulouse’s salaried consultants.

This is a proof of her team’s confidence in her, but above all, it shows that the team has a sense of community with consultants who are ready to co-opt their acquaintances, friends and colleagues!

 “I have contributed to the development of the agency and I will certainly continue to do so! And it’s all thanks to the support and trust that was given to me from the beginning.”

Emilie MOLA 

Proximity and trust are two values that are close to her heart and that she finds FULLY at Cat-Amania. Values that she embraces on a daily basis for the successful development of the agency’s activities!

With an open mind, Emilie takes the time to support each of the consultants she manages. She also has a strong relationship with her clients and partners. She accompanies these efforts with her authenticity, which leads to genuine trust and synergy between all the people involved in the agency’s activities.

Emilie’s aim is to continue to develop the agency’s activities and reputation. Working together with Erwan and his team, their goal is to continue to build the future of Cat-Amania Toulouse together.