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The online user experience is often the primary differentiating factor for a company, ahead of price or product.

When visitors are dissatisfied with their digital experience (website, mobile application, email, social media, etc.), not only do they perceive this poor experience as a preview of the company’s product or service, but they also share it with their peers. Choices such as a good color scheme, shorter loading times, improved targeting, or even a strategically placed button, for example, can have a significant impact on a company’s revenue. In an era where personalization is ubiquitous, the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) stands out as an essential tool.

What are CMS and DXP?

A DXP incorporates a Customer Data Platform (CDP) which gathers all customer data, regardless of the channel type (digital or non-digital), in order to maximize personalization of the experience.

The core of a DXP is based on a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to:

  • to create, edit,
  • publish
  • and manage digital content in interaction with your clients and collaborators.

These contents act as a ‘catalyst’ for the digital experience that the brand and the company offer.

It is on the basis of this content that the experience will be optimized.

Therefore, when we talk about DXP, we are referring to a set of technologies including a CMS and several additional technical and functional components interacting with the user on one hand, allowing for a ‘seamless’ or ‘fully integrated’ experience on the other hand.

User empathy is at the heart of optimization; personalizing the experience brings a sense of well-being, support, and time-saving for the user. They are literally and naturally guided towards topics related to their history, current events, and preferences at a minimum.

Below is an example of a DXP ecosystem:

Cat-Amania Expertise

For over 20 years, Cat-Amania has been active in the field of innovative technologies, operating both on an international scale (France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Canada) and on a local level through its network of 16 agencies in major regional cities in France.

Cat-Amania supports companies in their digital transformation. Our expertise is based on:

  • An DXP expertise center bringing together numerous customer experience experts
  • An innovation program, Innova focused on expertise in the most high-performance IT solutions on the market
  • A technological watch partnership with major market Editors

Cat-Amania is capable of assisting you throughout the entire redesign cycle of your digital projects & customer experience:

  • Audit and UX Experience Master Plan
  • Comprehensive DXP (both functional and IT) architecture
  • Implementation and IT DXP expertise
  • Development of certification plan and DXP testing
  • Change management

To successfully carry out your digital transformation projects, Cat-Amania also supports you in the following areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Customer Scoring
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Service Center and Streamlining of IT Development
  • DEVOPS Approach