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Does INNOVA ring a bell? No? Well, INNOVA is Cat-Amania’s R&D, Sponsorship and E-Learning program!
It all started in mid-2016, with Innova R&D, Cat-Amania’s internal Research & Development program that aims to harness the availability of Cat-Amania’s consultants for our innovative projects. In 2019, INNOVA R&D reinvented itself to become Innova Lab, Innova Dev and Innova Learning.

But what is Innova Lab?

Innova Lab is an experimentation and technology watch program, a watch that keeps Cat-Amania at the forefront of technology, methods and the needs of our businesses.

“Thanks to this program, our consultants have the opportunity to discover new fields and to increase their skills. The common goal is to continue to offer our clients the best consultants on the market.”

Julien PEREZ, INNOVA expert consultant, Cat-Amania NIORT

The Innova program is also Innova Dev 

Innova Dev was developed to meet the internal and external needs of the company. Internally, Cat-Amania consultants are the driving force behind the company’s digitalization through Smart Connexion, the new website and the Intranet.
Externally, Cat-Amania is developing partnerships with nonprofits with the aim of sharing our expertise for the benefit of worthy causes. This work, carried out in the form of skills sponsorship, can benefit local or national nonprofits, such as Restaurants du Coeur.

This project, which started several years ago, has built up a relationship of trust between Cat-Amania and the National Association of Restaurants du Coeur, which entrusts us with meaningful projects, allowing all our departments to invest in this cause. This is an important project for Cat-Amania, giving new meaning to what we do together.

Innova Learning, the third axis

The third and final INNOVA axis is remote learning. Our most recent program, Innova Learning, aims to professionalize our internal training courses based on the expertise of our consultants. This choice is motivated by an ever-increasing need for customized training which can be adapted to the needs of each individual and can be quickly implemented. The training courses can be designed and built by you, for you, with a certification awarded at the end of the training. Do you have an idea? Come and talk to us about it!