Employee Space

For several years now, Cat-Amania has been pursuing an integration policy for its employees with disabilities. In order to overcome stereotypes, the company is launching an awareness campaign for its teams, at all levels of management.

Overcoming prejudices about disabilities

A disability can be caused by an illness, an accident or a birth defect. The various disabilities can result in a temporary or permanent impairment for individuals, which impacts their daily life to a greater or lesser extent.

However, this should not have any impact on their professional activity. Proper support from the company must include an adaptation of the work environment, depending on the activity carried out and the type of disability.

However, prejudices about disability contribute to the isolation of people with disabilities. Indeed, many people do not dare to declare themselves as having a disability. As a result, they do not receive the support they need, which makes their daily lives difficult.

Our Disability Policy

Cat-Amania seeks to create the best possible working conditions to guarantee the professional development and inclusion of its consultants with disabilities, who represent 1.3% of Cat-Amania’s teams. 

  • A designated disability coordinator within the company, who meets annually with each consultant who has a disability.
  • Cat-Amania has set up a Universal Disability Employment Check Service in order to provide financing for personal assistance services and thus to contribute to the improvement of daily life.
  • Trained and responsive managers who provide daily, adapted and personalized support.
  • Specialized partners who provide advice on specific accommodations for each disability.
  • Administrative support with schedule adjustments to facilitate medical appointments.

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