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Cat-Amania is aware of its impact on the environment, and this is why we have created our Charter of Good Practices. These good practices can be applied on a daily basis, both at the office and at home. All of these practices are small, easy-to-implement actions that help preserve our planet.

Digital Pollution

“Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pollute”

The three main sources of digital pollution are:

  • Data centers: the volume of data collected consumes an incredible amount of energy.
  • Manufacturing of materials: the excessive exploitation of natural resources and ever more pollution.
  • Energy consumption: the energy required to run software and applications.

There are many simple actions that can be taken to reduce digital pollution. For example, by making specific searches that reduce the amount of CO² emitted per year. Sorting your emails or adopting a few small habits at the office, such as putting your computer on automatic standby, unplugging lamps and phone chargers, etc.)

Did you know:

  • that sending an email emits the equivalent of 10g of CO2 into the atmosphere?
  • that one day of work on a computer corresponds to 9km of travel by car. Or the consumption of 80 light bulbs?

Committing to reducing our daily consumption

As a service company, our environmental impact is lower, for example, than that of the industrial sector. However, we can still significantly reduce our environmental impact by managing our paper and energy consumption, as well as by changing our travel habits.

We have implemented a dematerialization policy at Cat-Amania to reduce our paper consumption. This includes the dematerialization of expense reports, meal vouchers and a number of administrative documents.

In October 2020, we switched to green energy through our partner Planet OUI. Cat-Amania is committed to reducing the impact of its electricity consumption.

Committed to reducing travel

We are aware of the impact we can have through our activities. We are committed to optimizing the way we travel in order to reduce our CO2emissions.

To facilitate remote contacts between our agencies and thus to limit unnecessary travel, Cat-Amania has invested in videoconferencing equipment, collaborative tools such as Teams and broadband.

Telecommuting is on the move at Cat-Amania

A working group, made up of Cat-Amania consultants and managers, has been tasked with formalizing telecommuting for employees. Telecommuting is also a way to reduce employee travel between home and work and thus to limit the pollution associated with their commute!

Cat Amania presents its Charter of Good Practices: