Employee Space

Links facilitated by the opening of a Cat-Amania branch in Poitiers

As part of a strategy to be closer to the production centers in Tours and Niort, the Cat-Amania Poitiers branch opened in the summer of 2021. Designated as the ‘Capital of Education’ in 2017, Poitiers, being a university city, allows Cat-Amania to be in close proximity to recent computer science graduates. Additionally, the region is economically vibrant, partly due to the presence of education-related entities, as well as longstanding companies like the Mutuelle de Poitiers Assurance.

Cat-Amania has entrusted Mickaël CAYLUS with the development of the Poitiers branch. Having been a resident of Poitiers since 2010 and the director of the Cat-Amania Niort branch, he is well-positioned to ensure its success.

Cat-Amania has established itself within Cobalt, a co-working space that brings together regional players in the digital industry. It is worth noting that the headquarters of the Network of Digital Professionals (SPN) is also located within this space.

The Professional Digital Network (SPN)

The SPN is an association aimed at fostering digital development in the former Poitou-Charentes region. It serves as a cluster for digital companies with the objective of structuring this sector, supporting the growth and development of businesses in this field, and facilitating their digital transformation.

Cat-Amania maintains close ties with the SPN for several reasons. Firstly, digital transformation is a cornerstone of Cat-Amania and a shared goal with this association.

Furthermore, the SPN was the driving force behind the creation of the Cobalt co-working space, which opened in 2017. This space, located halfway between home and the workplace, brings together various demographics: business owners, startups, students, job seekers, etc., all centered around programming related to digital topics. It was only natural for Cat-Amania to decide to become a part of this network.

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