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Put on your tuques,* Cat-Amania is coming to Canada!
As part of its international development strategy, Cat-Amania is opening its Canadian subsidiary, Cat-Amania Inc, based in Montreal, Quebec. Canada is a very dynamic market and has a significant need for IT skills. The opening of the subsidiary in May, and the start of activity in July, are the culmination of several years of studies, perseverance and the beginning of a wonderful adventure. Discover this wonderful project!

*Nothing is more typically Quebecois than the tuque. In Canada, the tuque is an essential winter accessory…it’s a hat! But the expression “put on your tuques” itself means, “be careful” or “get ready!”

An international business strategy

The opening of our Canadian subsidiary is part of the company’s international development strategy, initiated in 2015 with the opening of the subsidiary in Morocco and in 2016 with the opening of the subsidiary in Luxembourg. This positioning in North America, on the other side of the Atlantic, is a bold choice and a first step to reinforce Cat-Amania’s desire to expand on this continent.

By initiating this project, Cat-Amania is looking for new drivers for its growth and development, by taking advantage of the dynamism of the North American markets. Cat-Amania’s longer term goal is to continue to develop on the European continent, starting from Luxembourg and with the prospect of opening agencies in Belgium and Switzerland, and one day, the company hopes to discover the Asian continent.

With 30 nationalities, Cat-Amania is enriched by the human resources that make up the company. This cultural approach allows us to develop our adaptability and to be more empathetic, so that we can grow in confidence with the people who work with us.

“This openness to the world leads us to take a step back from who we are and who we wish to be, making us better.”


A human adventure

Initiated in 2017, the Canadian project began with a study on establishing the subsidiary. Over the past four years, Cat-Amania’s arrival in Morocco and then in Luxembourg, which is geographically closer to the company’s birthplace, has enabled Cat-Amania to gain experience and to confidently launch its international development strategy.

This expertise, combined with the enthusiasm of a manager who has a long history with the company, “with whom it was possible to share this project,” led Cat-Amania to make the opening of its Canadian subsidiary a reality in 2021. And it is Eddy PAJOT who has taken the helm of this new adventure.

This adventure began in 2013, when Karim ABBAS-ROBIN, the current President of Cat-Amania, recruited Eddy, who was then in a work-study master’s program. “The development of the company, the feeling of having a lot to learn in order to progress and having a playground that allowed such a progression to take place” gave him the energy and motivation to evolve within Cat-Amania. Eddy then became a Business Engineer on an open-ended contract and then Agency Manager in 2018.

Having grown up in Cameroon before arriving in France at the age of 17, Eddy wanted to return to the international scene in order to find fulfillment. Becoming Country Manager for the opening of the Canadian subsidiary was therefore an opportunity that was tailor-made for him.

“I’m lucky to have a company that has the same ambitions that I do and that includes me in its projects.”