Employee Space
Cat-Amania continues its expansion in France and internationally with the opening of three new agencies: Casablanca in Morocco, Quebec in Canada and Sophia Antipolis in France. This development is part of the company's vision to strengthen its proximity to clients and consultants while extending its expertise to key markets around the world.

Casablanca, Morocco : A Bridge between Europe and Africa

As part of its ambitious international development strategy, Cat-Amania takes a significant step by announcing the opening of its second agency in Morocco, in Casablanca, closely following the successful launch of its office in Rabat.

Morocco is experiencing sustained growth, stimulated by public policies favorable to innovation and new technologies. It also offers quality training in the field of IT, nourishing a pool of promising talents. In this favorable context, Cat-Amania Maroc is launching a call to all talents interested in exciting opportunities in the fields of development, data and testing.

Quebec, Canada : One Step Closer to North America

The choice of Quebec to establish a presence in Canada reflects Cat-Amania's gradual expansion strategy in North America. Canada is recognized for its favorable environment for innovation and technology, and Quebec in particular is becoming a major technology hub. The Quebec office will strengthen relationships with Canadian and North American clients while providing access to a diverse talent pool.

Cat-Amania quickly established solid foundations in the Quebec region thanks to its listing with PROMUTUEL Assurance and its collaboration with major players such as Desjardins and BENEVA. This growing presence has been fueled by a dedicated team of digital services experts who work closely with local clients to meet their complex and ever-changing needs.

Sophia Antipolis, France : At the Heart of European Innovation

The Sophia Antipolis region of France has long been an epicenter of technological innovation in Europe. The opening of Cat-Amania's office in Sophia Antipolis reinforces its commitment to the European market.

This new location will allow Cat-Amania to strengthen its presence in a booming technological ecosystem, while continuing to offer cutting-edge digital solutions to its customers. To explore the opportunities offered by this promising region and join the Cat-Amania team in Sophia Antipolis, do not hesitate to contact us.

With this expansion to Sophia Antipolis, Cat-Amania remains resolutely committed to supporting innovation and best serving its customers in an environment conducive to growth and creativity.

These new agency openings are just the beginning of Cat-Amania’s ongoing commitment to proximity and expansion. They reflect the company's vision of remaining at the forefront of digital innovations while remaining close to its clients and consultants. Cat-Amania is committed to providing quality solutions and being a strategic partner for businesses around the world, wherever they are located