Employee Space

Social and
Human Rights

Cat-Amania is committed to valuing the human aspect and encourages all actions that provide a pleasant and conducive work environment for the fulfillment of its employees. Cat-Amania’s management works to create the best conditions to enable everyone to pursue their ambitions and thrive in their work.

Its values are displayed and reflected through its social indicators, derived from our HR studies as well as feedback from teams through the Employee Questionnaire, our continuous improvement tool that allows us to tailor our social policy to the expectations of our employees.

2023 Gender Equality Index in the Workplace

Points EarnedMaximum Points for Calculable Indicators
Gender Pay Gap (in %)3840
Differences in Individual Salary Increases (in percentage points or equivalent number of employees)2020
Differences in Promotions (in percentage points)1515
Percentage of Employees Given Raises Upon Returning from Maternity Leave (%)1515
Number of Underrepresented Gender Employees Among the 10 Highest Salaries510

Environmental Impact

Cat-Amania is a company dedicated to digital services, providing its clients with intellectual expertise. Committed to the environment, the company tracks its emissions to understand its ecological footprint and take measures to streamline its consumption. In its commitment, Cat-Amania implements numerous initiatives to minimize its impact on the environment.


Cat-Amania has signed the United Nations Global Compact and is committed to adhering to an ethical code of conduct in business, including the prevention of corruption. The signing of this charter demonstrates Cat-Amania’s dedication to sustainable and responsible practices.

Indeed, the management communicates and raises awareness among its employees, notably through the signing of an annex to the employment contract that outlines the key principles of business ethics.

Sustainable Sourcing

Since September 2020, Cat-Amania has established a procurement department, directly linked to the company’s executive management. The creation of an in-house position enables it to develop its sustainable procurement activities. In this regard, Cat-Amania has formalized a sustainable procurement policy and is committed to furthering its dedication within the framework of its membership in the United Nations Global Compact

The Assessment of Our CSR Practices


Every year, Cat-Amania assesses its CSR practices through the Ecovadis platform, covering the areas of Ethics, Environment, Social and Human Rights, and Responsible Procurement.

Cat-Amania achieved a score of 79/100! As a result, we have been awarded the Ecovadis Platinum Medal for this outstanding performance. Cat-Amania ranks in the top 1% of companies evaluated by Ecovadis.

Going Further

For more information about our CSR approach and the actions undertaken by Cat-Amania, download our 2023 CSR Report: