Employee Space

In 2021, Cat-Amania is a company of 840 employees who are passionate about digital innovation. We regularly organize events, such as agency parties and meet-ups, to bring together our employees working everywhere in France, Luxembourg, Morocco, and now also in Canada.

What is a Cat-Amania Meet-Up?

Meet-ups are events organized by Cat-Amania employees to present and discuss innovative topics. Each month, a Cat-Amania consultant hosts a meet-up on a topic of his or her choice, whether this topic is part of the company’s expertise or not. Each employee can attend the meet-up online or on-site. 

In August, the topic was “Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.” The meet-up was presented by Adrien Vergnaud, an engineer who has been working at Cat-Amania since 2013.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Here is a brief overview of the points that were discussed during the meet-up: 

  • Data structure: each block is identified by a hash and is interdependent of other blocks, which constitutes a “chain of blocks.” 
  • Blockchain makes it possible to define a peer-to-peer currency, in other words, a “distributed transaction register.”
  • The role of miners is to secure the blockchain in order to reasonably guarantee that the signatures are unforgeable.

Cryptocurrencies: the universal currency of the future?

Could cryptocurrencies be the wallets of tomorrow? They are increasingly being used, both by Wall Street traders and young investors.

However, an issue has been raised. Depending on the blockchain, the size of the blocks and their frequency of insertion may be limited. This implies scaling issues in the event that there is a sharp increase in new transactions. 

The topic of blockchain is still vast, and that’s why Adrien will continue to talk about cryptocurrencies and trading in the September meet-up.

We’re interested in hearing your opinion on blockchains and cryptocurrencies, so tell us what you think.