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What is Low&No-Code?

Gartner, an American consulting company, released a report in February 2021 detailing the extent of Low-Code/No-Code technologies (requiring little or no code):

  • 23% projected market growth in 2021 (combining Low-Code and No-Code).
  • The market currently stands at 13.8 billion dollars worldwide.
  • Gartner estimates that this type of application will account for 64% of circulating applications by 2024.

Low Code/No Code technologies enable, among other things, the creation of business processes and the replacement of spreadsheets with secure applications, empowering employees with basic technical knowledge (Citizen Developers). They also provide CIOs the opportunity to implement a more centralized industrial development strategy based on a Low Code Application Platform (LCAP), enhancing productivity and reliability by focusing more on the business aspect rather than the technical.

Through its Low Code/No Code offering, Cat-Amania assists its clients in harnessing the power of these platforms, automating business processes, and providing secure, multi-channel solutions integrated into the existing information system. Cat-Amania experts also advise CIOs in selecting solutions and associated governance (to master the IS and prevent/limit ‘shadow IT’).

Cat-Amania invests time through its INNOVA innovation program to solidify the position of No and Low Code technologies in the information system and organizations. This led Cat-Amania to explore the Axelor solution and quickly become a partner, convinced of the quality and potential of this Low Code platform.

Cat-Amania enhances its offering by becoming a partner of Axelor in 2021

The successful completion of initial client projects on the Axelor platform confirmed its position in Cat-Amania’s offering.

  • It is actually a platform offering modular and extensible BPM, ERP, and CRM foundations;
  • The foundations are based on an open-source Low-Code platform suitable for both specific development and configuration provided with the platform;
  • The Enterprise version of the platform easily integrates with market tools such as Google Workplace, Gmail, Office 365, Outlook, Zapier, Rossum (OCR), DocuSign, …”

For example, the efficiency gains in building a business software compared to traditional development are estimated to be between 15% and 40%. This advantage enables achieving a faster Time To Market while aligning processes with business needs and focusing less on technical challenges.

For more information: https://axelor.com/fr/ 

Interested in the Axelor solution and Low-Code/No-Code technologies in general? Contact Cat-Amania. Its experts are now equipped to guide clients in assessing the positioning of the solution and its implementation in response to the company’s business needs.

Learn more about the Axelor solution

The Genesis of the Axelor Solution

Founded in 2005, Axelor, a French IT services company, gained extensive expertise over several years of integrating management software. It distinguished itself through its research and development projects within the Open Source community.

In 2012, Axelor conceived and developed a new suite of Open Source business applications, offering an innovative, modular, flexible, and scalable alternative to traditional applications.

Axelor decided to focus on being a publisher of the hybrid Open Source platform dedicated to business applications. This platform combines a Business Process Management (BPM) based on a Low-code/No-code approach with over thirty business modules (ERP, CRM, sales management, HR, Inventory, Production, Project Management, Accounting, and more). Thanks to this hybrid platform, process-oriented business applications come to life in a few clicks without any need for development.

For which sectors of activity?

The Axelor platform is suitable for various sectors of activity because the integrated BPM and Low-code/No-code platform allow modeling of any type of business process and generating a functional application that leverages the richness of the module library. The Axelor platform is also tailored for several sectors of activity: Trade/Distribution – Service Companies – Industries – Public Sector – Training Organizations.



Focus on Axelor Open Suite 

ERP Low-code

The versatility of the Axelor platform positions it as one of the best alternatives to traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Axelor incorporates all the features of the ERP market, with added ergonomics and modularity.

Axelor ERP closely addresses business needs through over 30 installable modules, such as Invoicing, Accounting, CRM, Production, Project Management, and more. Each module can operate independently and can seamlessly communicate with other modules based on organization-specific business processes. Additionally, each module comes with advanced functionalities, making Axelor one of the most comprehensive solutions in the market.

CRM Low-code

All the tools are centralized in one place to expedite the sales cycle and place customers at the heart of the company’s strategy and information system. The integrated CRM facilitates internal collaboration and interaction with clients, ensuring greater responsiveness and an optimal user experience.


Axelor’s BPM allows for the modeling of any business process, from the simplest to the most complex. With its user-friendly interface and ‘drag-and-drop’ functionality, it is easy to model a process following the BPMN 2.0 standard.

Each business process can be deployed directly within an existing module from the library of around thirty ready-to-use Axelor modules, thereby facilitating the reuse and streamlining of configurations and developments.